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ASRS Racking
1. Save spacer with more levels
2. High efficiency for goods storage
3. Computerized warehouse

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ASRS Racking for MINI-Load goods

Automated storage and retrieval systems, usually referred to as AS/RS are computer controlled systems for storing and retrieving products in a warehouse. These systems require the use of virtually no manual labor.


Mini-Load AS/RS systems are smaller systems and typically allow selection of items in totes, trays or cartons. Other terms used to describe a Mini-Load system is "case-handling machine" or “tote stacker"


AS/RS are configured with rack laid out with narrow aisles between.There is a raised metal rail down the center and a tall mast travels through the aisle along the rail. When the mast reaches the storage location, a carriage travels up the mast to the picking spot. An automatic mechanism then reaches into the storage location to retrieve or return the load. 


The system can be configured many different ways, but typically a smaller system will not use shuttles to pick and retrieve loads. Instead they use extractors that grasp handles on metal trays with vacuums or robotic arms.